In April 2013, International Launch Services (ILS) marked the 20th anniversary of the formation of the commercial Proton business. Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, majority owner of ILS, and a leader in the global space industry, manufactures the Proton vehicle – the heavy lift workhorse of the industry--which is entering its 49th year of service. Proton has performed 388 launches to date, including 81 through ILS.

Over the last six years, Proton has launched an average of ten times per year – the highest launch rate among heavy-lift launchers. ILS and Khrunichev have been proudly and loyally supporting the industry and our customers for twenty years and look forward to serving them for decades to come.

This short video depicts a timeline of significant and historical events involving the Proton launch vehicle over a 20-year period. The ILS/Khrunichev partnership for commercial Proton launch services began 20 years ago and represents the most successful post-Cold War economic cooperation between the United States and Russia outside of oil and gas exploration.

International Launch Services – Khrunichev Partnership

“The partnership between ILS and Khrunichev has been an important one, not only for Intelsat, but for the entire satellite community. With U.S.-based customer support and engineering teams, state-of-the-art launch facilities and the advanced Proton rocket, ILS and Khrunichev have played a vital role in our industry’s success.”

chairman and ceo, intelsat